Ep.9 of CCtalks – Change Your Life in One Day with Tabe Ydo


I started to wake up at four-thirty every morning and drink a lot of water. I put myself in the light. I did some breathing techniques that I did research on. Then something magical happened in my head and in my body and I thought this is so bizarre I have to get more specialists involved.” Tabe Ydo, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Writer.


Hi everyone!

Welcome back to CCtalks and to the 9th episode.

As in the definition of performance marketing, at Creative Clicks, we strive for effectiveness and for delivering the best performance both within and outside our company. However, events such as the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and working from home can have an impact on how people perform.

For this reason, around mid-January, we decided to offer a special masterclass to our Creative Clickers to help them overcome the difficulties and challenges of working from home and therefore to help them increase their effectiveness and performance. Then we thought that it would have been nice to share these learnings with all our listeners to also, hopefully, help and inspire you during these times. 

The masterclass was held by a special guest speaker who is also the guest of this episode: Tabe Ydo. Tabe is a successful media entrepreneur but, in the past, he had himself to face periods of heavy workload and stress. Then one day something happened and he decided to escape the rat race once and for all and developed a unique life-changing method called OneDay. To share this method with the world he wrote a book on the topic which was published in September last year and in a short period of time, it reached the status of bestseller. 

In this episode, Tabe explains what this method consists of and how it had helped him and others change their lives.

So, if you want to change your life today, and become more productive and effective than ever before, make sure to listen to the full episode, also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.  

For more information on the One Day method, please visit www.oneday.nl. The program is currently available only in Dutch, but it will be soon translated and published also in English!

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