Ep.8 of CCtalks – Let’s talk about push notifications


Creative Clicks has a lot of experience in push notifications. We were the pioneers in the product, so we have a lot of expertise and an excellent platform that allows us to approach our users in a personalized way, hence our performance is really high in terms of KPIs.” Jose Bergstrom, Junior Product Manager Monetization.


Hi everyone!

Welcome back to CCtalks and to the 8th episode. This time we talk about push notifications together with two Creative Clickers: Linda Van Liempt and Jose Bergstrom. Linda has been working for CC for more than 7 years, so she has seen the company grow and scale-up and she is now the Director of Operations. Jose Bergstrom joined the company a few months ago as Junior Product Manager Monetization.

Push notifications have been quite a hot topic lately, hence as pioneers in this type of campaigns, we wanted to dive into it and help our public understand why they might want to start including push notifications in their marketing strategy.

To give you some numbers, according to Adjust, nowadays push notifications can drive growth and increase engagement by up to 88%. It also seems that 42% of mobile users choose to keep push notifications enabled on their device, thus making these alerts an essential part of every app marketer’s overall strategy.

Creative Clicks started testing and implementing web push already back in 2016. As Linda says, they realized that push notifications had a great potential to follow up and nurture leads during their conversion funnel. Later, in 2017, they started exploring how to monetize web push also for other webmasters and Creative Clicks became one of the first companies to do so. Starting so early has allowed the company to learn a lot about push and to build strong expertise in this field.

Nowadays, at Creative Clicks, push notifications are way more personalized, says Jose, thanks to the possibility of getting more insights about the users. This allows the company to help their demand partners by sending users according to what they are seeking. In addition, now users receive offers that better fit their interests. The result of all this is a better performance in terms of the relevant KPIs of the product.

Together with Linda and Jose, we also try to answer questions such as whether mobile push notifications are more profitable than desktop’s, how marketers can monetize their website or app via push, how the new industry regulations have impacted the use of push.

Make sure to listen to the full episode to get the answers! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.  

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