Ep.7 of CCtalks – New Year, New Beginnings


“We’ve come up with a health check so that when people feel a little bit down or depressed, or they want to talk with somebody about anything […] that’s possible. We opened a number that people can call when they don’t feel well. ” Raymond Kokken, CEO of Creative Clicks.


Hi everyone! First of all, happy new year. Welcome to the 7th episode of CCtalks, but also the first episode of 2021! 🎉

The beginning of a new year is always a magical moment, full of excitement, expectations, new resolutions, and new beginnings! Especially this year, this 2021, is something we’ve all really longed for. This is why in this episode, together with our CEO Raymond Kokken, we discuss what new beginnings are awaiting Creative Clicks as a company, but also as a business in the mobile marketing industry. In addition, we make some predictions on the trends we’re expecting to see in the industry, and we conclude with the expectations for this new year.

First of all, Raymond gives us a spoiler regarding Creative Clicks. In fact, there will soon be the launch of a new company website, a project that has been brought on for a couple of months with the purpose of better representing the current status of the company. 

Another very important project that has recently been launched within the company is the mental health support program. Creative Clicks recognizes the struggles that its employees might have had to face during these months of home and remote working and for this reason has decided to make available a sort of mental health hotline. From now on, every time that an employee might feel the need to talk with a professional, they’ll be able to do so through the service provided by Creative Clicks.

Regarding what to expect from 2021 in the mobile marketing industry, among other things Raymond says that the health and elderly care vertical is really promising and something that also Creative Clicks will focus more on in this upcoming year. In addition, he says to expect e-commerce and streaming to go strong and continue growing and he hopes to see the travel vertical back again but more towards Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

What else can we hope for in this new year? What other verticals and marketing trends should you look out for in this and the upcoming quarters? Make sure to listen to the full episode to find out! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts

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