Ep.6 of CCtalks – SEO and Mobile Marketing


“Right now Google prefers mobile website versions […] There is some gossip that there will be soon an update that if you don’t have a mobile version, you will not be appearing on Google at all.” Lukasz Zelezny, SEO master and social media expert.


Hi everyone! Welcome back to CCtalks. 

In our sixth episode, we have the pleasure to talk with the SEO master and social media expert Lukasz Zelezny! He is the founder of seo.london. He is in the top 10 UK social media influencers. He normally travels up to 75,000 km a year speaking at many SEO and social media conferences including ClickZ Shanghai China, ClickZ Jakarta Indonesia. Additionally, he organizes workshops and meetups where he shares tips around SEO, Social Media and Analytics.

Together with Lukasz, we first dive into SEO and Mobile Marketing in 2021. With this regard, he tells us that one of the things to pay particular attention to in the upcoming Q1 is page speed. In fact, websites with a well optimized page speed will have better chances to rank higher. As he mentions, Google is quite obsessed about page speed, so you better make sure your website loads fast or you might get a really bad ranking in Google Search. 

But how can companies improve their website page speed? Lukasz first starts suggesting a few platforms where page speed can be checked such as LighthouseWeb.DevGTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights. What’s great about these tools is that they do not only tell you the page speed but they give you suggestions on how to improve it. To speed up websites based on WordPress he uses Cloudflare

The important thing, he says, is that you don’t only check the speed of the homepage, which is what most companies tend to do according to his experience. In fact, you should keep track of all the other pages and gather as much data as possible across multiple URLs to guarantee an overall higher speed. 

When talking about mobile website versions, Lukasz admits that mobile ones tend to be slower. However, Google prefers mobile versions because more and more people are now online with their mobiles every day. So, Google looks at how the website performs on mobile devices and projects this on desktops. There are gossips that soon if you don’t have a mobile version of your website, you will not appear in Google at all! True or not that may be, it indicates how important it is to have a mobile website version and a version that is optimized and runs with a good speed. 

But, what if you don’t have time or resources to optimize and build a well-developed mobile version? To find out more on this, but also to know what the top three pieces of advice for SEO and mobile are, make sure to listen to our podcast! Also available on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts

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