Ep.3 of CCtalks – The Power of Video in Mobile Marketing


“The really good news today is that video ads can be run on almost all social media channels. However, some are very tuned to a particular demographic”, says Clive Roach, Director of Social Media at Signify.


Hi everyone, welcome back to CCTalks! 

In our third episode, we have the pleasure to discuss the power of video in mobile marketing with two special guests: Clive Roach, Director of Social Media at Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting) and Ieva Vaitiekunaite, the Social Media Marketing Specialist at Signify.

Clive is responsible for social media strategy development, success measurement, activation, governance and training within Signify. He has been working in the digital marketing area since 1997. Clive has his own blog, tweets daily on two Twitter accounts, and has a Facebook fan page, three Instagram accounts, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

Ieva instead is responsible for supporting the markets and business units across the globe in social media strategy activation, and acceleration of the knowledge exchange.

In the last years, video marketing has seen incredible growth and it is actually expected to account for 80% of the total mobile data traffic by 2022. As Ieva says this is due to the nature of video. In fact, we are biologically programmed to elaborate information better when it comes from a video than from other formats. We as humans can remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read and 80% of what we see and in a video you have all these elements combined in one asset. Everyone wants their brand to be remembered and a video is more likely to be remembered than a picture. In addition, Ieva stresses the fact that video is also a great way to generate leads even in the B2B sector as their experience has proven over the years. 

Regarding video ads, Clive guides us more through the different ad formats that can be run in the different social media channels and gives us some pieces of advice in terms of channel-audience match as well as channel-campaign goals match. 

Considering the holiday season is just around the corner, we also discuss how marketers can make the most out of this season and generate more clicks and traffic by using video ads. 

To find out more about this and understand whether you should focus your marketing strategy more on videos, listen to the full episode here, also available on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts

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