Ep.2 of CCtalks – Opportunities for Mobile Marketers on TikTok


“Brands need to understand that who controls the content is the users […], the users don’t want brands to tell them what the hottest trends are, they are the hottest trends” says Adi Waldman, Managing Director of CC Israel.


In our second episode of CCtalks, we dive into one of the most discussed social media of the moment, TikTok, together with Adi Waldman another very important member of our CC family and the Managing director of CC Israel.

The success and rise of this social media, especially during these past months, has seemed unstoppable and certainly undeniable. In fact, according to Adweek TikTok generated “the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter” in Q1 2020. And even in August, it was the most downloaded social app according to SocialMediaToday.

In addition to growing in terms of users, TikTok has also grown as a platform and has evolved its service by starting “TikTok For Business”, the new platform for all its current and future marketing solutions for brands, which was launched in late July.

With this in mind, and also considering the current shift in the platform’s audiences – as discussed in our blog– Adi says that if a product or service is young by spirit, TikTok is the place to be. However, according to her experience with the platform, brands need to make sure that their marketing strategy fits TikTok and is not just a duplicate of their other social media strategies. TikTok strength lies in its being different from the other channels and in providing very engaging content that is quickly consumed. 

What also makes it different from the other channels, as Adi explains, is how its Business platform works. At Creative Clicks, we have plenty of experience buying media for our advertisers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social media channels and we can fairly say that TikTok is very different from these other social media platforms, in terms of audience, ads set up and creatives

To have a better understanding of how TikTok works, the marketing opportunities inside the platform, and how Creative Clicks can help you run successful campaigns within it, listen to the full episode here, also available on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts

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