Ep. 19 of CCtalks- Wrapping Up 2021 and Getting Ready for 2022


“You have those years, and I think this year is one of them, that all the puzzle pieces come together. I think we invested heavily in new talent, we call it: Rockstar talent. We invested heavily in them across all the divisions, and we were lucky to get them on board. I think we started already with that in 2020, and this enlargement of teams paid off well in 2021. So all the actions we did in 2020 with regard to investing in the teams, we see that yeah, that paid off this year quite well.” 

– Raymond Kokken

Hi there! Welcome back to CCtalks, here is our episode number 19 and the last one for this year!

As 2021 is coming to an end, we had a chat with our CEO Raymond Kokken to wrap up the year, discuss the future of performance marketing and Creative Clicks.

Together, we cover the following topics:

  1. This year expectations and the goals achieved;
  2. Creative Clicks growth in 2021;
  3. Things that happened in the industry that we did not expect;
  4. The focus of the company for 2022;
  5. Future trends and what to expect in the business next year.

You can listen to the full episode here or on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

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