Ep. 14 of CCtalks – Looking Back at Q1 and Q2 and Towards the Future.


“I am the most proud of the fact that we are able to still be connected as one team and of the team we have within the Creative Clicks group. Most of us didn’t see each other face to face during the pandemic, but despite that we were able to keep our strong company, entrepreneurial culture. Everybody still has the same commitment, the drive to make the best out of it.” Raymond Kokken 

Hi there! Welcome to CCtalks, and to our 14th episode.

The guest of this episode is our own CEO Raymond Kokken, with whom we last spoke, on this podcast, at the beginning of the year when we talked about the expectations for this 2021 both from a company perspective and from an industry one. If you haven't listened to it yet, now it's time to. You can find the episode here.

Now, past Q1 and Q2, we wanted to catch up again and recap what happened in the past months and what can be expected from the remaining quarters.

Make sure to listen to this episode to find out how Creative Clicks managed to keep growing in the past months; what verticals have shown to be really strong; a new very cool project the company has launched to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be!

You can listen to the full episode here or on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

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