Ep. 13 of CCtalks – Why your Facebook Advertising Efforts Are Not Performing and How to Change that.


“When you create a campaign like this, one offer, one audience, one ad, what you’re really doing there is you’re relying on luck. But then you spend money, and either you’re right, and that’s great, or you’re wrong. But if you’re wrong, you don’t really have any data, you just know, you’re wrong. So what we need to do when we create an ad campaign is actually to start thinking about it as a scientific experiment.” Gavin Bell

Hi there! Welcome back to CCTalks, here is our episode number 13!

In this episode, we were very happy to talk with a Facebook Ads super expert, Gavin Bell! He is also a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host & director of Yatter, a Facebook advertising agency that helps brands across the world to scale. His work has been featured on the likes of Virgin.com, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire, KissMetrics and Social Media Examiner.

Together with him we cover the following topics:

  1. The #1 reason your current advertising efforts aren’t performing and how to fix them.
  1. How to (quickly) create ad campaigns and build your audience and generate leads on autopilot, even if you’re not “techy”.
  1. How to only attracts qualified leads that are excited to buy from you (so you can stop wasting time speaking to unqualified leads).

If you want to improve your Facebook advertising efforts, make sure to listen to the full episode here or on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts

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