Ep. 12 of CCtalks – Building the Olympic Mindset


“Most people always would say, well, you’re an Olympian. You can do that. And I’m like, you realize that being an Olympian is more than just the athletic part. It’s the mindset. It’s your mindset. That’s all it is.” Priscilla Loomis, Olympic Athlete. 

Hi there! Welcome back to CCTalks, here is our episode number 12!

In these months of continuous lockdown and working remotely, we have hosted a few masterclasses for our Creative Clickers to help them overcome the challenges of working from home, the difficulties caused by the current pandemic, but also to inspire them to keep growing professionally and striving for success and excellence. Because, at the end of the day, it is all about having or adopting the right mindset, to overcome any unusual or challenging situation that might be put in front of us.

And it is exactly to talk about mindset, and specifically “Building the Olympic Mindset”, that we had the great pleasure of having Priscilla Loomis as our guest speaker. 

Priscilla Frederick-Loomis is a US born professional athlete representing the country of Antigua and Barbuda, specializing in the High Jump. She participated in the Olympic Games in 2016. She was 2x Pan American Games silver medalist, 2x Sports Woman- to name a few of her accomplishments. And she is now preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games!  But she is also an Entrepreneur, Non Profit President and CEO, a Radio & Podcast Host and a Health & Wellness Advocate.

Given the success obtained by the masterclass and the exceptional relevance of the topic we discussed, we invited Priscilla to also be the guest speaker of our podcast #cctalks, to tell our listeners more about what “Building the Olympic Mindset” means and how applying such a mindset can improve your life both personally and professionally.  

Make sure to listen to this very inspiring podcast! You can listen to the full episode here or on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

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