Ep.1 of CCtalks – Mobile Marketing in Q4


“It’s shaping to be probably one of the most interesting quarters over the last 10 years,” says Jordan Cunningham, SVP Business Development at Creative Clicks.


In our first episode of the podcast series CCTalks, together with Raymond Kokken (CEO at Creative Clicks) and Jordan Cunnigham (SVP Business Development), we discuss what we can expect in mobile marketing from this upcoming Q4. 

As Raymond says, these previous quarters have been quite satisfying and positive for the company despite the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, although many brands cut their budgets for branding, the spend on performance remained the same and in some cases was even increased especially by some big e-commerce players (if you want to know more on why brands should invest on performance during a crisis, check out our blog post). 

Regarding Q4, Jordan says that there are many impactful things at the moment which could determine the evolution of this quarter. Besides COVID-19, things like the soon-to-be-released IOS 14 and the American elections may cause a big shakeup over the mobile marketing industry. At the same time, he foresees a lot more e-commerce spending and a lot more streaming activities than the previous quarters. 

Raymond affirms to be excited about this last quarter of the year, however, he doesn’t deny the uncertainties generated by the current events and the impact of things such as the elections on the bid prices and eventually the ROIs. 

As they both say, Creative Clicks always strive to stay ahead of the trends, to have an outlook on what might happen next, and suggest new solutions. This is why in these past months, we’ve been doing a lot of testing around different traffic types, different buying models, different attribution methods as we are trying to figure out what the best fit for the future of media buying is going to be.

If you want to know more about what is expected to happen during this Q4 and get ready on how to best approach these last months of the year, go listen to the full episode also available on Spotify and Apple podcast

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