Product Manager



Job Description:

Are you an online media professional with a technical mindset and are interested in product development? We are looking for a highly skilled Product Manager of Business Services, who has a scale-up mentality and knows his or her way around performance marketing and subscription-based business services products.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing traffic and user data, turn in to actionable insights
  • Product development, also working with external partners
  • Steer on KPI's like CTR, CLV, churn and CPC
  • Market research with the goal of product development in mind
  • Launching new products in new or existing markets
  • Ideas substantiated with date for new digital campaigns
  • Ownership of the backlog with clear and specific use cases
  • Setup A/B tests for traffic campaigns and flow optimizations
  • Managing the project deadlines

Job Requirements:

  • A goal getting attitude and mindset. A pre when you can demonstrate skills for overachieving against target and continuously improving the internal or external standard of excellence.
  • Entrepreneurial ambitions, willing to work both operationally and think strategically in the beginning, since you are aware that this is needed in a new innovative venture.
  • Around 4-6 years of experience in a pro-active, customer-facing, commercial role (e.g., Business Development Representative)
  • Ability to think creatively and come up with pragmatic solutions. You identify needs, even if our customer is not aware of this problem or bottleneck.
  • A bachelor’s graduate or higher.

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