Data Quality Engineer



Job Description

As the Data Quality Engineer at Creative Clicks, you will be responsible for providing continuously automated and manual testing of data sets that are used in internal systems (Power BI, Payment Platform). Such data sets are generated internally or provided by the partner systems (PSP, Acquirers, TMX, CBH, TaxJar, etc.) and presented in different formats. Apart from that the data quality engineer works as an analyst to detect data anomalies, forecast the trends, and prevent issues based on extensive data analysis. The Data Quality engineer collaborates with different teams (Management, Payments, Business Intelligence, Product, Marketing, and Development teams). The Data Quality engineer is an entry point for data investigation requests and a source of data-related insights.


  • Use of an internal analytic system (Power BI) and database (MySQL) for data analysis;
  • Write testing plans and routines, manage the continuous integration and regression testing for the data;
  • Be the point person for clearing data for release according to delivery specifications;
  • Create test strategies, test plans, and test cases;
  • Development of automated tests;
  • Investigate data quality issues by demand;
  • Maintain QA reports, KPIs, and data quality trends for the Health and Lifestyle product;
  • Perform data-related bug tracking.


  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Understanding relation of data with business entities and processes;
  • Knowledgeable about industry data compliance strategies and practices, such as continuous integration;
  • Experience with regression testing and versioning;
  • Good stakeholder management skills;
  • Work experience with RDBMS and NoSQL DB;
  • Experience creating automation tests;
  • Strong knowledge of SQL (MySQL);
  • Familiarity with Power BI and Python is a plus;
  • Experience working in a Big Data environment is a plus.

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