What Business Model to choose as a Brand?

If you want your business to grow you want to make sure that you pick a good Business Model. The right Business Model needs to suit your brand ideas and values. It also needs to ply over the approach you use to grow your business and generate leads. The right Business Model will help support the company and product viability and it also help explain the way your company operates, makes money and how you achieve goals. Every policy and process adopted by your business are included in your Business Model.

But how can you select the right Business Model? You have to make sure that the model you choose describes the rationale of your business, how it works and how it captures value for the customer and itself.


This type of business model is very easy to understand. You acquire raw materials and use numerous research and technological tools or manufacturing equipment to create a finished product. Since you are the one working directly on the product, you have the option to sell it yourself or via a middleman.


The retailer will sell directly to the public. More often than not the retailer will work with a manufacturer, as that’s a very important aspect of how they choose to work at a professional level, and the results can be really good in the end due to that.


Franchising is a very good option if you want to establish a business using the brand name created and promoted by others. You don’t have to invest in marketing that much if you join a franchise. And franchises can be either retailers, distributors or manufacturers.

Nickel and dime

When you create this type of business, you want to offer customers the lowest possible price on all products. Obviously, this Business Model is suitable for companies that cater to people with a small income.

Distributors or wholesalers

These companies will buy products from a manufacturer and they will sell them directly to retailers. These wholesalers are basically middlemen, they have warehouses and store the items until they are sold more often than not.

Ecommerce or brick and mortar

These are two difference business models. Brick and mortar means that you only sell in your local area, so basically you don’t rely on an online presence. The ecommerce business model is just the opposite. Ecommerce companies are active only in the online world, which makes them easy to reach from anywhere in the world.


The aggregators are interesting because the company offers various niche services and they sell services under their own brand. Simply put, people can offer services to others and make a good income via the platform you created. And the platform makes things easy as well as facilitates the entire process at the right level.


A subscription model works if you have monthly costs related to the service and you need to cover them. This also seems to be suitable if the customer acquisition costs are high. Basically this Business Model requires customers to pay a fee for using your service every month. It’s a great approach since you make them pay on a monthly basis. But in order to make it viable, the overall price needs to be low.


The freemium business model is quite popular and there’s a reason for that. The product or service is offered for free, but you also offer some add-ons that will make the service better. And you charge money for those additional services. YouTube and Dropbox are great examples here.

Online marketplaces

Unlike the ecommerce Business Model, the online marketplace will aggregate multiple sellers on a single platform. And the marketplace on its own will use factors like fast deliveries, curating sellers and trust to generate a large customer base. Take Alibaba and Amazon as a great example here.


Most of the time crowdsourcing will work for business that are just starting up. But it can also work for establishes companies. The way this works is that customers are directly contributing to a particular project. In doing so, they will receive special perks and benefits. That has the potential to pay off and bring in front resounding results and benefits.

Affiliate marketing

When you choose this type of Business Model, you basically rely on using an affiliate system that will pay you a commission for promoting various products. The affiliate system works great especially if you have lots of views and readers on your website. As soon as they click on and purchase items via your links, you will get a commission for that.

Data sales

Some companies rely on selling user data or sharing it to third parties in order to generate profits. The interesting thing about this model is that it’s extremely easy to adapt and use. And it’s great for customers too, because the main service is free.


What a lot of people like about dropshipping is that this is a very good and viable business system. It’s created specifically to help you run a business from anywhere. You will have to set up a site and promote it online. At the same time, you want to find wholesalers that will help you fulfill any possible product sales. The good thing is that you share those sales directly to the wholesaler and he will fulfill them for you. As a result, you don’t need to have any sort of inventory.


Infrastructure, platform or software as a service is a viable Business Model. And the reason is that you pay as a go based on your own needs for that particular service. You can choose the features you want and the service provider will create a custom package. Which helps people save a lot of money because they just use what they really need.

In conclusion, every Business Model is designed to be unique and to fulfill customer requirements. It’s never easy to pick the right Business Model, and you can’t really shift from one Business Model to the other all the time. You do need to take your time and study every situation to ensure that you always cater to customer needs.

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