Is there such a thing JavaScript phobia? I know I had.

I’ve been through a lot of upheaval since I touched this world of programming.

A world that caused me: Nerves, Anger, and I almost reached the point where I wanted to leave this field dozens of times. But on the other hand, I am very happy that my cousin (a developer with many years of experience and a great love for the field) has revealed to me this crazy world and helps me to this day. First of all, I say thank you very much for that Dima Vishnevetsky 🙂

I highly recommend you having a professional mentor you trust, It’s will make your way much easier and pleasant.

Now let’s go back to my story. Before I started programming, I worked in all sorts of jobs that were physically and I was used to being on my feet and moving all the shift: Cook, Pastry, Bartender, Waiter and the list goes on…

The transition to the programming world changed my life at 180 degrees!

It was very hard for me to suddenly start sitting for hours on my ass and learning JavaScript. I took all kinds of JavaScript related courses, In retrospect, many of them were just confusing, Therefore, it is important to check carefully and be careful to learn from professional people and with a reputation in the field.

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