Is Display Marketing Dead?

Display marketing is otherwise known as banner advertisement; it is a type of advertising that uses creative images, videos and other kinds of graphic designs to pass across a message. But the big question is: is it really dead? Can we say that the native display marketing that we all know no longer has its effect on people?

A simple answer to this question is that display advertising is not dead; in fact, it can never die. Why? Because the majority of internet users view ads with a display more than they view ads that are just text. Moreover, when an ad has a creative design, it becomes eye-catching and, in turn, drives traffic on the internet, all wanting to view what the ad is all about.

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Having said all this, we should know by now that display advertising is one of the most important forms of advertising in the present world. There is quite a list of reasons why display advertising will never die.  Allow me to intrigue you with some reasons why it is really difficult for display advertisement to go extinct.

1.      Native Digital Images and Videos Are Revolutionizing Display Marketing

With the increasing rate of people joining the league of internet users, there are more people to target and deliver to the right ad. Right from day one of revolutionizing display advertising, it was much-loved by everyone on the internet. Display advertisements are very direct with the message they deliver, and they are entertaining at the same time. You can hardly find a creative native image or video without a kind of temptation, compelling you to click to view it.

Even on social media, the use of these native images and videos as a kind of display advert is more rampant. Is it the standard banner or the 300 x 250 medium rectangles? Whichever type of advert it is, as long as it is a display type, people will definitely always love it. So, the revolutionizing of digital advertising is one of the main reasons digital advertising can never die.

2.     Mobile Devices Also Contribute to the Growth of Digital Advertising

Targeting ads to mobile phone users has brought a growth in digital advertising. When mobile phone users search for content on the internet, they are interested in the more compelling display results. With the break of smartphones into the market today, digital advertising just got into a whole new dimension. If digital advertising was 6/10 before, with the new technology in mobile devices now, it has gotten to 15/10.

Now, it is a whole lot easier to target ads to a specific set of individuals based on what they search for on their mobile devices. That is why you would find so many different ads on your mobile phones of various kinds. Some ads would pop up as an image, while some other ads would be played as a video, all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

3.     Display Advertising Works

There has also been a considerable amount of resources spent on display advertising by marketers.  This is because markets want to get the desired result out of the advertisement. With the amount of resources markets pump into display advertising work, we can boldly say that it has been able to produce a sustainable business environment where they can work, feeling at ease that the environment is not close to crashing.

Today, a lot of display advertising work has been able to help many marketers get their information or message across to the desired public by creating awareness and, in return, engaging themselves in an ultimate driving conversation to meet up the demand.

4.    A Display Advertising That Is Well-Formatted Fuels the Programmatic Creative and Media

It is true that the digital world can be automated, but not all things can actually be automated. When people place a digital advertisement on auto-pilot, they do so at their own risk. These are the people that believe that digital is dead if they do not get the expected turnaround in their investment in digital advertising.

In order to dominate this form of advertisement, make use of the leader board and m-rec banners. But even with that, there is still an overwhelming expansion of the pool that still needs a formatted display.

5.     Renaissance in Digital Advertisement

The digital advertisement did not start from the place it is today. The truth about it is that it started off in an awkward way, and with time, it matured and took a more natural and comfortable form. It was only recently that a 30-second ad in the middle of a television program was implemented.

The next generation of display advertising will be making use of the natural activities of a viewer. This is usually done by using sounds, motions plus interaction, sight and more.

In all, the basic truth is that the report that claims display marketing is dead is completely incorrect. In fact, the report is misinformed and should be sanctioned. So, feel free to join the league of people advertising using digital images or videos to pass across its message, as it is a fast and effective method that brings about development.






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