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Creative Clicks Case Study

How Creative Clicks brought innovative marketing strategies to one of the fastest-growing rideshare companies in the world.


Our client needed innovative and out of the box mobile marketing strategies to challenge another big brand in the rideshare market and establish a greater US share of the market. 


Innovation is at the basis of our company and our business, this is why when asked to bring out of the box strategies we can’t but deliver the best of the expertise and the highest innovations. This included: 

  • Bringing our creativity into the plate which included unique audience targeting and cross promotions. 
  • Adapting campaigns to deliver performance across a variety of different acquisition models
  • Boosting brand awareness by using a mix of native and video advertising a well as rich media. 


  • 30% Increase in Install to First Time Ride (FTR Ratio)·
  • 43% Improvement in Conversion Across Native and Video Ad Units
  • 41% Decrease in Cost per FTR 

Reach out to us for more info:

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