5 Signs you have the Best Account Manager

Not everyone can be an account manager.

The job is only interesting if you know how to handle people because you will be continuously involved with different personalities with different interests and goals. Also, one has to be patient. Let’s be honest, account managing is stressful.

If you are hiring an account manager, you should check on specific traits and whether they match your personality and goals. Finance is a sensitive aspect of life and you should first establish trust and confidence in a person before allowing them to be part of your journey to success. An account manager should be able to capture your goal and advise basing on your interests but also stick to reality and practical strategies.

So how do you know you have the right account manager?

  1. Communication

As the client, you should be updated with every change or move the agency makes. You are busy with business or employment and it is impossible to check on the agency regularly. Financial markets change regularly hence the importance of constant updates. Your tight schedules does not mean you should miss or delegate the account updates to a friend or family. This is why you hired an account manager.

Constant communication is key to a relationship between an account manager and a client. Your manager should be in constant contact with you; it is crucial for you two to be on the same page at every point. Communication sounds like common sense but not many account managers are able to keep up with the standards because the financial industry can get intense. Communication helps you to make timely decisions with less pressure.

  1. Organization

Your account manager should have everything at fingertips. Whenever you need information or specific details, it should be pulled out within minutes. Your documents and resources should also be stored in a specific and secure place. Organization skills are crucial for an account manager; this should be the basis of forming a relationship. You can’t trust anyone with your business information or simply finances if they are disorganize. In fact, the primary reason of hiring an account manager is keeping your accounts organized and always updated. No files or entries should be lost.

Before you engage an account manager, one should have the capability of keeping records and pulling out details fast. Organization skills should be the difference between you and an account manager otherwise, the individual does not quality to advise or handle your finances. The job is demanding because the manager has to keep you updated with agency and market structures as well as balance these elements with your financial goals and interests. Account managers can be naturally organized but there are also tools to help with keeping records and staying organized.

  1. Relationships

An account manager should be familiar with your networks and business associates. Additionally, the manager should be acquainted with your family setup and other close associates because these people influence your financial decisions and performance at work place. Managing an account entails more than balancing revenue and expenses. A manager should be well vast with the sources of your income and how money flows in your business; of course, you have to trust the individual to share this is information, it is sensitive.

You need to have a personal relationship with your account manager. Check whether you two have a rapport. Do you trust him or her? An account manager that knows you at a personal level can help in making effective decisions that suit your goals and preferences. Some professional advises may not apply in your world; not every financial strategy coincides with your financial goals. This is why you should have a close relationship with your account manager for suitable recommendations or advise.

  1. Creative

An account manager should not be restricted with boundaries in the profession. While the individual should stick to legal and professional standards, some decisions require thinking outside the box. You need new ideas to manage your money and make meaningful investments than previous years. Implementing the same strategies every month won’t make a difference in your finances, which will defeat the purpose of hiring an account manager.

The individual should research and come up with new ideas on how to invest, save, and spend. A good account manager should push you out of the comfort zone irrespective of your wealth. There is always room for growth no matter how much you have achieved in your career or business. It is the role of an account manager to keep you updated on market trends and dynamics.

  1. Priority

If you don’t feel a priority to your account manager, you should move on and engage another one. An account manager should be concerned with your interests and struggles. This is related to establishing a personal relationship; the manager should not only know what you eat, say, and where you sleep but also be concerned about how these elements affect your finances and wellbeing. A manager should know what is important to you and make it important to them.

Account managers should genuinely care for clients and show the care. The account manager might be caring and concerned but poor in demonstrating the concern, which is a common mistake with professionals. You should feel cared for and a priority.

An account manager has to take time with clients, learn their perceptions and goals then develop ways of helping them. Managing accounts means being part of an individual’s journey to success; the manager should be the driver with respect to making decisions.

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