VPNs & Anti-Virus Marketing: Keeping Users Safe and Revenue Growing in a Pandemic and Beyond


Find out how to support global demand generation to keep sales growing for VPN and Anti-Virus products in a pandemic and beyond

In March 2020, our team experienced a previously unseen demand for Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Anti-Virus applications which we were marketing.

With users working and… everything from home, many were seeking solutions to safeguard their protection and privacy. In the winter and spring of 2020, as COVID-19 was forcing more and more users to remain home, they sought VPN and Anti-Virus solutions for their protection and privacy needs.

Stopping identity theft and ensuring safe and protected browsing

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Specifically, users want anti-virus applications to make sure that their browsing and buying activities remain private. They’ve heard about identity theft. They want to ensure that their personal information, including credit card info, address, family member names, etc., remains safe from malicious actors who would use their identity for criminal acts.

To ensure safer Internet browsing (as well as access to websites/applications blocked in your country), users turn to VPNs. By masking a user’s online location, VPNs keep browsing data and patterns completely private, ensuring that a service provider or another organization will not be able to access browsing history. This is particularly important when surfing the Internet via public Wi-Fi, ensuring that one will not be vulnerable to snooping or cybercrime.

And when users started working from home because of the pandemic, the VPN and Anti-Virus application market became a growth market.

Managing a growing business

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Every agency’s dream business is to work with a marketer in a category that is growing organically. But not all growth curves look the same, and over time, even a hockey stick growth slows down. Then what?

We work closely with all clients to ensure that we understand their short and long-term goals and business objectives. We might be the advertising experts, but it takes a close relationship with a client to ensure that we understand the client’s objectives, which can change quickly, particularly during a pandemic.

For example, many agencies, looking to show a strong growth rate might shift a portion of the budget to less expensive foreign marketers to make the growth curve look prettier. But if those markets are also low margin/high churn markets, what does that do for the client’s long-term business? That’s why we begin client engagements with a focus on the client’s business objectives.

18 months later… it takes a winning strategy and team to maintain growth

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In 2021, we had a new challenge in the VPN/Anti-Virus application market – maintaining growth. We accomplished this by working closely with our clients and listening to their changing objectives. We also did our homework, seeking out global opportunities in other, high-revenue markets outside of North America and Europe, which are our main markets.

By delivering strong growth in a new market in 2021, we’re maintaining the growth patterns we achieved in 2020 through new markets and taking advantage of innovative opportunities.

Whether it means searching for new markets or sources of traffic, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients achieve their business goals, in our first campaign together as well as in future campaigns.

Are you looking for an advertising partner who will create advertising based on your short and long-term business goals? If so, reach out to us today.

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