Using Experience Across Owned & Operated Sites to Grow Your Health & Fitness Business


Maintaining health & fitness isn’t only important during the summer. Find out how to market your health & fitness app all year round.

Just because summer is nearly over doesn’t mean that we can put our health and fitness on hold until next spring. Health and fitness is a lot more than losing weight to look better in our bathing suits. It’s about being healthy and fit in the mind first as well as in the body.

That’s why health and fitness is a year-round activity with successful users focusing on leading a more healthy lifestyle 365 days/year. And our success in the health and fitness vertical has been driven by understanding our clients' health and fitness philosophy and using it to define our creative and user acquisition campaigns.

The last 18 months have created new health and fitness challenges and opportunities. On one hand, users were forced to find alternatives to visiting the gym to maintain their fitness regimen. On the other hand, working from home without the daily commute to the office opened up more time for health and fitness. And the closure of restaurants encouraged many to start making more healthy foods at home.

Doing our homework: Empathizing with the user

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The first thing we do is work closely with our health and fitness clients to make sure we understand their philosophy as well as their short and long-term business objectives. Then, we empathize with prospective users. We download and use the app to ensure we have a strong understanding of the users’ state of mind and the various experiences users are seeking.

To be truthful, we do our homework with all of our clients. But in the health and fitness vertical, understanding and empathizing with the user’s state of mind is more critical to a successful campaign than for an e-commerce app where there are a broader range of user motivations.

Owned & Operated Sites:  A treasure trove of data-driven insights

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One of the drivers for our success in the health and fitness vertical is the insights we acquire from analyzing the data from the many campaigns that we run across our owned and operated comparison sites. These sites are very effective for user acquisition campaigns because they provide users with product/service comparison offers and content funnels across a broad range of verticals.

First, because we own the sites, we have access to the first-party data. Second, these sites are designed to deliver new app users across a range of category verticals. Therefore, we’ve attained a tremendous understanding of the various user journey paths, which enable running smarter campaigns across all verticals. Third, for more and more verticals, we’re able to offer a relevant content funnel including health and fitness content on our owned and operated sites to enable the creation of user journeys that mimic your users' journey.  The first-party data, user journey experience, and relevant content funnels provide a winning combination that ensures a successful campaign for your app.

Campaign-specific insight: Texting campaigns drive engagement

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One tactic which has proven successful in our campaigns is the use of text message marketing. Given the importance of health and fitness and the timeliness of texting messages, users are very responsive to relevant text messages on their phones, which successfully move them into the user acquisition funnel.

With health and fitness a year-round focus for successful users, there is never a bad time to start a user acquisition campaign in health and fitness. If you’re looking to reevaluate your health and fitness user acquisition campaigns, contact us today.

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