Use Push Notifications to Push Your Marketing Forward in 2021


One mobile marketing tactic which is gaining traction is push marketing in general and push notifications specifically. This is a trend that is particularly noticeable in the finance, insurance, e-commerce, dating, gaming, software, and sweepstakes verticals.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages, like SMSs or messaging app messages, which prospects receive, usually on a mobile device, encouraging them to take advantage of a new opportunity or providing a relevant update. According to privacy regulations and a positive user experience, users must first accept push marketing before they can be targeted.

Push notifications appear directly on a user’s device home/lock screen outside of an app or web page. That’s why they stand out more, generating engagement rates twice as high as email or other marketing vehicles. And they won’t get caught in a spam filter OR get lost in-app or in a stream of ads and content.

Push notifications @ CC

Advertisers can run push campaigns through our CC push API. We will be responsible for the creative, targeting, and execution. With our broad portfolio of top-performing campaigns, we are able to generate a better ROI per user.

Top geographies for push campaigns @Creative Clicks: US, Canada, Australia, UK, Italy, and Spain. Targeting options include gender, location (city), age, and device operating system (Android or iOS).

Why add push notifications to your marketing mix?

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With the look and feel and native marketing experience of messaging, push notifications encourage users to act now. This explains why they generate such strong engagement metrics.

As part of a broader multi-channel marketing campaign, push notifications are a great tactic to help move the user to action. Some of the most effective use cases include:

  • Special offers and promotions – because push is a great way to make a user act
  • Reminders and updates – push appears immediately on the device’s home and lock screens
  • Users who are about to churn – app users who receive at least one push notification are significantly less likely to abandon your app
  • Purchase, loyalty, and rewards – letting users know that their product is on the way OR that they’ve earned a reward is a proven way to keep customers happy

For more on how Creative Clicks can help you add push notifications to your marketing mix, reach out to us now and we’ll schedule a call.

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