Use Performance Marketing to drive Home Improvement Leads & Revenue


Since 2020, the commute to the office for many was reduced to walking down the hall or to the basement. Therefore, it’s no surprise that home improvement as a category has taken off.

That’s why data from the NPD Group shows that faucets, kitchen cabinets, and toilets were the most popular products sold in 2020. The company’s data also showed that kitchen and bath sales increased by 28% in 2020 (vs. 2019). Furthermore, paint sales increased by 16% as the total dollars invested in home improvement increased by 22%.

The home improvement trend highlighted by research from GlobalData found that 77.2% of people in 2020 undertook at least one project vs. only 68.2% in 2019.

Is the home improvement bubble over? Hardly.

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Given the nature of home improvement projects, the growth in this category is continuing for several reasons, even as more and more people return to an almost normal work life. First, home improvement is a process. Therefore, after successfully redoing one room, many want to continue with other rooms and areas in and around the house. Second, the shift in work policies shows that many will continue working from home part of the time. Therefore, homeowners are still initiating home improvement projects as they restructure their homes to better meet their evolving needs and work/life balance.

With these trends in mind, we wanted to find out how home improvement marketers can use performance marketing to grow their business in a cost-effective manner.

Start on the phone

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If home improvement projects previously began with a visit to a leading retailer, today, they’re beginning on the user’s phone.

Because of this, we’ve developed mobile marketing solutions which enable qualifying and delivering quality home improvement leads that convert.

That's why we begin the process by running native display ads on traffic with a strong likelihood of converting, based on our extensive experience in generating leads across a broad range of verticals.

Top of the funnel: Qualify the leads

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Once a prospect clicks on one of our home improvement ads, the customer journey begins. The process starts by qualifying leads based on the specific home improvement vertical, the revenue potential, and the likelihood of conversion.

After the leads have been qualified, they are passed on to relevant home improvement partners who purchase the leads to contract the project.

Based on years of lead generation experience, we know how to find the right traffic. Once we capture the right traffic, our ads and landing pages are part of our mobile marketing solutions that enable qualifying the most relevant users for a home improvement project.

Interested in tapping into the fast-growing home improvement market? Reach out today to schedule a call to discuss the market opportunities.

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