The Inside Guide to Boost your ROTS (Return of Time Spent)


AWA Bangkok 2019 Edition

Affiliate World Asia Bangkok is the most sought after, mind-stimulating conference in the world for performance and e-commerce marketers. Two days packed with enticing speakers, brilliant networking events, and delicious food. The conference is expected to have over 3,000 attendees and 150 networks from all over the world. It is one of two bi-annual Affiliate World Conferences. The first takes place in Europe in the summer and the second in Asia in the winter. It is a meeting place for newcomers and experts in the performance-based marketing industry. But, AW Bangkok is not your typical conference, it is two days structured to take your business to the next level. If done properly, you could be taking home extremely profitable opportunities. Inside and outside the conference there will likely be sensory overload. Once you exit, you’ll be stepping foot into one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia.

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With the help of Creative Clicks mobile marketers, we have created the experts inside guide to AWA Bangkok. We will guide you through the 48 hours of madness to boost your ROTS (Return Of Time Spent) and make it a seriously rewarding experience. We will include how to prepare before you get there, once you arrive and tell you all the secret tips that no one else will.

Before you arrive

Where to stay

Let’s talk about lodging. Through this article, you will find the best places to stay (with price and distance from the conference included) without having to look for them. Meanwhile, you can spend your time on more important matters.

The conference is located at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre. Although the location may seem central, Bangkok is massive and getting from one end to the other could take you hours. Whether you’re going by car, public transport or even tuk tuk, traffic will be insane, so we recommend you stay within walking distance. We have selected a beautifully curated list of unique hotels so you can enjoy your stay with quality at any price tag.

Park Hyatt Bangkok:  €350 – 18 min. walk

Image: Booking

The Okura Prestige Bangkok:  €221 – 20 min. walk

Image: Okura Prestige

Hansar Hotel Bangkok:  €125 – 16 min. walk

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Hotel Muse Bangkok:  € 117 – 18 min. walk

Image: Hotel Muse

LUXX XL:   € 57 – 24 min. walk

Image: Stay with Luxx

While you are there

Personal health

With the long flights, time difference and extremely long days ahead, don’t forget to look after yourself. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and counteract your jetlag. Although you are in an exciting city, you are also on a work conference and sleep is all the more important. Bring some melatonin along so you can sleep soundly through the night and challenge the time difference.  In case you forget it don’t worry, there is a Boots attached to the Centara Grand Convention center, open from 10 to 10 where you can get your vitamin.

When the Creative Clicks Marketers were asked how they stay energized throughout long days may had one word in common: coffee. Near to the conference is Doi Lanka Coffee, a coffee shop that specializes in single-origin coffee from Thailand. Skip Starbucks and indulge in their ethnic coffee. Rachid Akka, Head of Marketing at Creative Clicks, takes a holistic approach,  “Make sure to have a good breakfast and eat healthily. In the mornings, do some yoga.” Yoga can awaken the body early in the morning and get your energy flowing. There’s nothing like starting a big day on the right foot.

Defining your goal

Conferences are a thought-provoking experience, but when it comes to AW Bangkok, you might not be able to “sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.” There will be talks, meetings, networking, all in one go. A properly thought out goal is critical to staying on track.

When we spoke with our Creative Clicks team of mobile marketeers, they seemed to have common goals. Here are just a few to inspire your own:

  1. Foster new relationships
  2. Maintain a network
  3. Reconnect with existing partners
  4. Gain Visibility
  5. Network
  6. Gain insights on how markets are involving
  7. Meet like-minded publishers

Scheduling your day

Once a personal goal is clearly defined, you can schedule your day accordingly. Once the day starts, it doesn’t stop. We asked the Creative Clicks AW Bangkok veterans how they came out the other end successful.

If your goal is creating new opportunities, research attendees, and which competitors are coming as well. Once you’re there, make time for networking events and find the people who you had in mind.

Mr. Stewart is a firm believer that old business is more valuable than new business.  In this case, no need to waste your time on research. “All the tools and resources you need are already within arm’s reach. We look to reaffirm these contacts to grow together,” says Stewart. Making time for a dinner or lunch meeting is a great way to engage those existing relationships and develop new possibilities.

If you think it will be valuable to see certain speakers, prioritize them, plan meetings and networking around them. With speakers like Steve Tan, 9-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur, and Nick Shackelford, Top Facebook Ads Specialist, you’re bound to learn a thing or two.  The sessions are where you will get the concrete tips to take back home with you and put yourself ahead in the industry. You won’t want to miss it.

Image: Affiliate World

The parties

Mixing business with pleasure is more than acceptable at AW Bangkok… actually, it’s encouraged.  A massive topic when it comes to AW Bangkok is the parties. When the sun goes down and the lights of the bustling city awaken, definitely don’t stay in your hotel room. Go out and bond with people, Mr. Jensen says that “often the most valuable insights come from the evening networking events, over drinks when people are relaxed.” Some guests like to buy their tickets for specific parties in advance, while others go on the spur of the moment. Take your pick.

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According to Mr. Anderson, the parties listed on the Conference Night’s schedule are valuable to attend because “everyone goes there.” However, Mr. Rossini says the best parties are a spur of the moment. “You’ll build new contacts as your day unfolds, which can open more doors that you didn’t even know existed.” Go ahead and plan your meetings and sessions for the day, and when the night arrives, let the city take you by storm. He also advises not to worry about party tickets… “if you’re supposed to be there, you’ll get in.”

Follow up

The only way to gain something from these new (and old) connections is a strong follow up. Here are some of the no-fail recommendations:

  1. Be different:
    Create (in advance) an interesting topic people will remember you by, then you can follow up with “hey, remember me? With the crazy glasses…” It works every time.
  2. Stay organized:
    Take all the business cards (with notes on them) and prioritize them based on potential in an Excel document. Then, follow up daily.
  3. Stay on top of it:
    Send an email on the same day of the meeting or conversation. Then follow up again once back in the office.
  4. Keep it casual:
    Get each other on skype.

Explore the Country

AW Bangkok doesn’t stop there. Typically, publishers take time off before or after the event to travel around the country. Who knows the next time you will find yourself in Thailand. Whether you explore the cultural treasures before the event is up to you. But, one of our publishers says, “You’ll have so many new opportunities to tackle when it’s all done. Get the fun out of the way first, it’s business time.”

Keep in mind, publishers often head to Phuket or Koh Samui after, where they rent villas and spend time together, relaxing while still networking and figuring out the next trends. These AWA private events do roll over to exotic destinations. They’re very cool events, but to find out about them knowing the right people is critical, so make sure your networking skills are on point.

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Through the lights of the vibrant city and the inspirational talks, AW Bangkok will leave a mark on you and your career. Adi Waldman, Head of Business Development at Creative Clicks Israel, reminds us that the amount of potential partners is unusual. Having this many opportunities will be within arms reach is rare. Set a goal, tailor your schedule to your needs and foster meaningful connections. AW Bangkok and the growth of your business is right around the corner.

Few more tips


Next, It would be beneficial to exchange your money. You don’t want to be the one getting slammed by ATM withdrawal fees and horrible exchange rates at the airport. Having a bit of cash on hand will save you hassle and worry.

  • 1 Euro = 33,53 Thai Baht
  • 1 Dollar = 30,35 Thai Baht


In case of an emergency, you’ll want to save these numbers to your phone before you arrive. But, hopefully you won’t need them!

  • The tourist line that operates in English at 1155
  • The emergency number at 191

Download the AW Asia App

Most important of all, before you arrive have all the knowledge you need in your back pocket. Download the Affiliate World Asia app and connect with the 3,000 attendees, get an interactive map of the site, and have a list of speakers all at your fingertips.

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