The 7 Biggest Holiday Trends in Mobile Marketing


Now is the time for mobile marketers to get the most out of this year’s holiday season. It is essential to stay up to date on what catches consumers’ attention, while also staying ahead of your competitors.

More and more countries are starting to consider Black Friday the start of the holiday gift-buying season. Consequently, marketing and ad campaigns are consolidated into the last weeks of November and the beginning of December. But, the Creative Clicks DSP platform, reports that the period between Christmas and New Year’s saw an uptick in ad requests. It is the best moment to push some content. What are the details that will make your app marketing campaigns stand out? Here we put together our top 6 tips.

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1. Leverage other days of the buying season such as Super Saturday

Despite the hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many shoppers avoid those days like the plague. Lines are long, sites crash, and there is way too much buzz for not enough reward. Luckily, there are plenty of other opportunities. These days tend to get lost in the mix, but they’re just as important. One of those is Super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas. Approximately 134 Million shoppers will be looking for (and buying) gifts on that day. With two day, and next day, shipping more reliable than ever, people know they can wait until the last minute and still get what they want. These shoppers are determined to find the perfect gift in a short amount of time. Marketing them great last minute deals that will arrive in time and strategically targeted ads will make things easier for them. Shipping Day purchase by Christmas Eve, December 24, 2019. Each year the number of stores that are participating increases. Start promoting with these retailers in 2019 to get ahead of the curb. And appeal to just what consumers want free shipping!

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2. Rebrand: the Holiday Way

Everyone loves holiday-themed… well, everything. A fantastic way to catch people’s attention is to rebrand your apps for the holiday season. You can do this by redesigning your app icon to include identifiable elements, such as a Santa hat or some winter snowflakes. According to Splitmetrics, updating app icons around the holidays can boost conversions by up to 9%. It is an eye-catching way to remind your customers you’re there, and who doesn’t love getting into the holiday season?

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3. Instagram Ads 

We’ve all heard this one before, but maybe this is something you haven’t notice. An ad is the second post you see when you scroll through Instagram. Then, ads appear every 3-4 scrolls after that. The same goes for stories. According to a study done by Refinery 24, people spend an average of 72 minutes per day scrolling through Instagram. And a lot of that time is spent shopping, with 130 million Instagram users tapping on shopping posts every month.

Young people are being exposed to these ads more often than anywhere else. And they engage with these ads the same way they engage friends and family, making this the ultimate holiday marketing trend. With 200 million Instagrammers visiting at least one business profile a day, this can be extremely profitable. The key is targeting the right audience. If you can market the right Instagram ads to the right demographic, they are bound to make these purchases for their friends and family, because it is just the right fit.

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4. Tap into Youtubers

YouTube influencers are not like every influencer. They have a sizeable, unique following that will l sit and watch their videos for hours. They can often be more valuable than Instagram influencers because they explain products in detail and give honest reviews. The best part? Their following trusts them.

YouTube was the most-downloaded iOS app in 2018. This holiday season, tapping into YouTube influencers can convince consumers to use the products or services you promote. Often, Youtubers are speaking to particular viewers such as beauty or tech, so your audience is more likely to be interested. Thus, you can boost your conversion rates with unique affiliate partnerships with YouTubers.

Image: Delaney Childs

5. Turn on Push Notification

Every time a phone buzzes we automatically pick it up, it’s a reflex at this point. That being said, make use of push notifications. Push notifications are an effective way to get people to click, click, click. And here’s how:

Start using push notifications by including a pop-up notification on your landing page asking visitors “would you like to receive push notifications?” Notifications are an easy way to spark your client’s interest. By offering exclusive discounts and sales through these notifications, you can incentivize page visitors to turn them on.

Implementing it is simple, you’ll need four things: an offer, a pre lander, a traffic source to run your ads, and a tracking solution to tie it all together. Once you start implementing push notifications, you will see the click start to roll in.

Image: Taplytics

6. Post-holiday shopping

After the holiday’s things go on sale, and not the same way they do on Black Friday, stores are trying to clear out their store of the gifts that never made it under the Christmas tree. Due to this, excess inventory prices drop. Additionally, due to national holidays during this time, consumers will not be working and will have time to shop.

Very few people are pushing ads after black Friday, now is your time to make money. Right after Black Friday, the cost per impression decreases hugely, but the people are staying online increases.

Image: Chain Store Age

7. Don’t forget what it’s really about

Mobile shopping should be a pleasant, entertaining experience. Using platforms such as YouTube and Instagram is a great way to promote your products engagingly. Promoting for days like Super Saturday and Free Shipping day can make you stand out, and help the consumer. And using your best knowledge of 2019 can help you end the year with a bang.

Image: FCT

Finally, wish your clients a happy holidays! Although we all love gifts, that is not what the season is really about. It is about spending quality time with your friends and family. Going out of your way to wish your shoppers a happy holiday is a way to tap into the true essence of the holiday season.

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