The 10 Best Marketing Podcasts (in no particular order)


* But you should definitely pay particular attention to no.8.

As a 360 digital marketing juggernaut, we’ve been providing our clients with fully transparent KPI-driven marketing solutions since 2009. (In marketing terms, that’s a loooooong time!)

As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible through performance-based marketing, we know the value of ongoing access to excellent marketing training.

In computer science, GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) is the concept that flawed or poor input data will produce a poor output. We like to do things differently here at Creative Clicks, so we prefer an EIEO approach (excellence in, excellence out).

This EIEO approach applies to every aspect of what we do, including our ongoing learning to help us keep (far) ahead of the online marketing curve. 

There are many, many (MANY!) marketing podcasts available to listen to. Some of them are truly excellent.

Others are “okay”.

Many are dangerously bad.

To help you access good quality training, we’ve hunted down 10 marketing podcasts that we’re happy to give the Creative Clicks Seal of Approval to.

Some of them may surprise you, while others you may never have heard of. (That’s one of the keys to marketing success – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and learning new things.)

Without further build-up, here are the 10 marketing podcasts we recommend:

1 - CIM Marketing Podcast

Via CIM Marketing Podcast

A fortnightly podcast from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Spotlights stories to spark debate and discussion on key issues facing marketers today

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2 - Marketing School

Via Marketing School

A daily ‘bite-sized’ podcast from Neil Patel and Eric Siu, providing actionable digital marketing lessons on SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, campaign optimization and more! Institute of Marketing. 50 million downloads and 1,400+ episodes suggest they’re worth listening to.  

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3 – Marketing Secrets with Russell Brunson

Via Marketing Secrets

A podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to improve the effectiveness of their marketing (without breaking the bank!).

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4 – The Tony Robbins Podcast

Via Tony Robbins

This one may seem a bit surprising to include on a list of marketing podcasts, because most people think of Tony Robbins as a motivational speaker. However, for years Tony has been helping business owners scale up their businesses by showing them how to have a growth and success mindset. Why not learn some of his strategies via on his podcast?

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5 – I Love Marketing

Via I Love Marketing

Former carpet cleaner turned marketing millionaire maker, Joe Polish has been running his I Love Marketing podcast since 2010 (yes, really!). This podcast is ideal for people who love marketing, learning about marketing, and innovating in marketing.

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6 – Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Podcast

Via Magnetic Marketing Podcast

Known as the godfather of marketing, Dan Kennedy has been responsible for training many of the ‘big name’ marketers visible online today. This podcast has a new episode released weekly, although it should be noted that each episode is an audio of a talk or presentation Dan has recorded previously. Still well worth a listen!

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7 – Akimbo

Via Akimbo

A podcast from marketing legend Seth Godin (who first wrote about podcasts all the way back in 2005!). Always an interesting person to listen to, his current podcast Akimbo is currently in its eighth season. We should mention that this podcast focuses on helping you to think differently, so prepare to have your thinking challenged and stretched!

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8 – CCtalks (a Creatives Clicks Podcast)

Via Creative Clicks

Of course we’ve included our podcast here! (We promise it’s good – and we’re only slightly biased!) Listen in for regular digital marketing insights, news, trends and inspiration from our team of experts. And of course, once you’ve heard us, you’ll almost certainly want to get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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9 – Copyblogger FM


A weekly podcast from Rainmaker Digital, a pioneer in the content marketing space. Episodes cover a wide range of topics including content marketing, copywriting, email marketing and conversion optimization.

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10 - HBR IdeaCast

Via HBR IdeaCast

A weekly podcast from Harvard Business Review, featuring leading thinkers in business and management. This podcast has been running since 2007, so it’s an incredibly well-established one.

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How about you?

Hope you find our suggestions helpful. Do let us know what your favourite marketing podcast is if it’s not listed above – we’re always interested in learning!

And if you’d like expert assistance optimizing your digital marketing campaigns for better results, get in touch to see how we can help.

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