Playing Your Way to Your Next Job – How Creative Clicks Recruits Talent


To all of the mothers who said “If you play games all day, you’ll never find a job”, Thomas Bickes, HR Manager at data-driven marketing platform Creative Clicks is about to prove you wrong.

An important part of Creative Clicks’ recently revamped recruiting process is a session where job applicants are instructed to play four different online games on their phone, desktop, or tablet.

“There is a lot you can tell about a person from how they progress in a game,” noted Thomas.

Though he wouldn’t provide specifics regarding how game performance impacts the recruiting process so as not to give an advantage to future Creative Clicks job applicants reading this post, he did say that the actual game score had less impact on the process.

How you play is how you work

From these neuro-assessment games, the Creative Clicks team is able to identify people who can learn from playing by analyzing the process and innovating as they progress. The games are a stress-free exercise taking less than 15 minutes which enable identifying how a candidate handles multi-tasking, pressure, problem-solving, flexibility as well as fit with Creative Clicks.

Triple E Philosophy: Energy, Entrepreneurial, Experts

“At Creative Clicks, everything starts with our Triple E Philosophy. We look for people who have Energy, are Entrepreneurial, and aspire to be Experts in their chosen fields (even if they aren’t yet). By using the games, we’re able to identify candidates who have energy, are entrepreneurial, and aspire to be experts.”

“If I were to ask someone in an interview if they have energy or aspire to be experts, 99.9% would say ‘Yes’. Through the game, we can more easily see which applicants have the skill sets we’re looking for. And because these skill sets are part of our culture, candidates with the three Es will also be more comfortable at Creative Clicks.”

Of course, there are other benefits to gamifying a company’s recruitment process. “People who have played the games have responded favorably to the experience, often encouraging their friends to apply to Creative Clicks because people prefer to work at a fun company.”

The recruitment journey

The recruitment journey at Creative Clicks starts by having the job applicant upload their resume and answer a few quick questions including why each person believes they’re a good fit for the company. From here, if the person meets the qualifications for the position, they’re invited to play the games. If they proceed past the games phase, they’ll have one or two video interviews (which were phone interviews before COVID-19) and then an in-person interview where they might be asked to present a case study.

But do the games actually work?

According to Creative Clicks’ Marketing and Communications Manager Ilaria Severi, a former colleague whom she knew well played the games and the results generated from a few minutes of gameplay matched her personality. “I was shocked by how close the automated analysis was for a former colleague whom I knew well based on years working together. To be able to uncover insightful analysis that enables better matching of people with a work environment in a fun and stress-free way is a real added-value for all involved.”

So far, seven new employees have been recruited to Creative Clicks utilizing the neuro-assessment games as part of the recruiting process. “I believe the games enabled us to identify new employees who possess the values we’re looking for in a way that wasn’t previously possible, while also making the recruiting process more enjoyable for all involved – a real win/win,” added HR Manager Thomas Bickes.

Neurosurgeons need not apply

“The Triple E Philosophy is relevant to Creative Clicks as a leading and global mobile marketing platform. That said, if I were on the operating table, I’m not sure I’d demand a neurosurgeon for whom energy and being entrepreneurial are important skill sets. Though I’d definitely want her to be an expert.”

Interested in playing to progress your career? Check out the positions now open at Creative Clicks:

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