Optimizing data + creative in a privacy-first marketing world


The last few years have been challenging for performance marketers due to privacy-centered changes. First, Europe implemented GDPR privacy legislation. Then, Apple’s terminated IDFA app tracking, making app marketing on iOS more challenging. More recently, several US states have implemented privacy legislation. Alphabet is following Apple’s lead in making Android, Google Chrome, etc., more privacy-friendly.

But when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

That’s why Creative Clicks (CC) has been investing in data and technology, even before the rollout of GDPR. With the rise of ad blockers, our founding team understood that they’d need to develop technology that would enable CC clients to continue using data to optimize campaign performance.

Owned & operated media

Creative Clicks Owns and Operates (O&O), a proprietary network of websites that enable their customers to reach and engage with consumers based on their self-declared interest. Interest categories of CC’s O&O media include e-commerce, health & fitness, Insurance, and Home Improvement. And because CC owns these sites, their clients can take advantage of the first-party data acquired on these sites regardless of privacy legislation.

These O&O websites enable CC’s clients to reach 150 million+ verified users consenting to be marketed to on-site. CC also enables engaging these users via email, re-engagement/retargeting across O&O media and native re-engagement. The data CC has on these consumers includes device, operating system, city/state, zip code, age, gender, behaviors and interests.

Because CC has first-party data on these users, it is able to optimize creative and campaign performance.

Powered by data

Beyond O&O, CC utilizes other sources of privacy-friendly data to ensure that client campaigns are optimized to perform. Creative Clicks has years of experience working with segmentation and targeting platforms that enable uncovering previously untargeted audiences for many client campaigns. In addition, by accessing third-party data (where available and privacy-compliant) as well as customer first-party data, CC is able to understand how best and most effectively to achieve campaign KPIs.

Whether the creative runs on social media, search, O&O, email, banners, push, content marketing, etc., the creative performance is optimized based on existing data and industry best practices. As the campaign progresses, results are continuously maximized based on real-time campaign performance.

Once campaigns are live, CC’s experience in performance marketing enables effective lead scoring to ensure that leads will achieve your goals. And all of this is viewable in real-time via custom dashboards.

A creative studio that knows how to deliver

Data is only part of the equation. To succeed in digital marketing today, one needs to know how to pull actionable insights from data to develop ad creative that achieves performance marketing goals.

A sport production filmed by CC Studio

Creative Clicks Studio provides clients with 13 years of experience producing content that delivers conversions. From video production to social media marketing, from email, content marketing, and banner campaigns to product/service landing pages, CC’s Studio has been achieving client KPIs for over a decade.

For example, the Creative Clicks Studio created TikToks for clients, which achieved lower Costs Per Click (CPCs), higher Click Through Rates (CTRs,) and a higher ROI than industry benchmarks. Many marketers turn to influencers for TikTok, but the CC studio was built by understanding TikTok. The Creative Studio also works with IG, FB, and any other performance marketing platform you’re targeting.

The CC studio knows how to use client marketing data and how to translate it into performing creative. That’s why CC can deliver creative that results in a customer making an in-app purchase within 72 hours or calling your call center within 24 hours to achieve your campaign KPIs.

With the growth of AI technology in marketing, CC is able to provide clients with smarter, better, faster and more effective creative based on itswork with technology.

Are you happy with your creative? Still trying to figure out how to access and optimize data in our new privacy-friendly marketing world? For any questions on data and creative, reach out to Creative Clicks today.

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