Opening Up and Supporting Mental Health and Well-being


One of the challenges people are facing in the COVID-19 pandemic is the impact on mental health and well-being.

We are all facing challenges we all face when dealing with COVID-19. For some, it means working from home with kids around and also managing their daycare and/or school schedule via zoom. For others, it’s the lack of in-person interactions and feedback from colleagues.



To address these challenges and enable Creative Clicks employees around the world to receive confidential counseling, free-of-charge, and completely anonymously, we’re partnered with OpenUp. Now, any CC employee can schedule a call to talk about anything: from client or time-related work issues to loneliness, relationship advice, or stress in their personal lives.

Before COVID-19, when everyone was in the office, it was easier for employees to speak about outstanding issues and for managers to detect potential problems. But now, when most of our interactions are remote, it’s harder to both speak about and spot potential challenges.

That’s why we turned to OpenUp.

The truth is that we had plans to implement a solution like OpenUp before COVID-19, but the pandemic resulted in a more pressing need which prompted us to begin working with OpenUp.

We all need to care about Mental Health

The truth is, at one point or another, we are all challenged.  That’s part of living life – we aren’t born with the skills and experience to manage everything life throws our way. This is true for the people at Creative Clicks – people with high Energy who are Entrepreneurial and Experts. When moving quickly and enthusiastically into new areas and ideas, we sometimes need advice, guidance, and objectivity.

And when we counter things that challenge us, it’s OK to ask for help. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s better to ask for help.

Now our team can consult with the trained psychologists at OpenUp, confidentially.

Addressing mental health and well-being through OpenUp is no different from addressing physical health and well-being by going to the gym, running, biking, swimming, etc.

Creative Clicks’ partnership with OpenUp is a permanent relationship that will support us moving forward.

If you’re looking for professional psychological consultation for your employees, team, or yourself, please contact OpenUp:

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