Mobile advertising: how to stay ahead of the competition in an ever-changing industry


Mobile advertising, by nature, is an ever-changing industry. It moves into new and different territories very frequently with the rise of modern factors such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI) attribution, personalisation, 360 tracking, data compliancy, and more. Simply put, mobile advertising continues to take on new faces every day. This past decade has experienced an especially vast catalyzation that makes it quite difficult for companies to stay up to date with the changes. There simply isn’t enough time to be reactive without cutting edge technology. The alarming truth is that 76% of marketers fail to use behavioral data automation and AI for mobile ad targeting; this will leave them at a great disadvantage.

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What exactly is making mobile advertising move quickly?

Automation: Machine Learning

Automation has found its way in all aspects of the internet, including mobile advertising. This has made mobile advertising easier but less predictable. The rise of machines and Machine Learning equates to the elimination of manual optimizations. While this saves advertisers time with distribution processes, it comes with a certain loss of control. Ad hubs, such as Facebook, are exemplary in this loss of control as they’ve begun to change keyword match type works and began to implement features that rely heavily on Machine Learning. This means that advertising professionals must be constantly learning the new types of machinery and features as well as how to identify patterns in those algorithms. This effort is time-consuming and must never stop; according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 20% of digital advertising businesses will be conducted by machines interacting with each other and that percentage is growing rapidly. In reality, automated platforms and Machine Learning will continue to drive industry growth by providing increasingly effective advertising, flexible monetization opportunities, and improved consumer experiences.

Facebook currently has over 2.45 billion monthly active users (MAU) and with an average time spent per Facebook visit around 20 minutes, it is one of the most important advertising platforms on the internet. Like many in the industry, Facebook has become heavily reliant on Machine Learning and reinforcement learning to increase its user experience indexes.  This means that for publishers to be successful on Facebook the right signals have to be sent to Facebook to be fired into its Machine Learning models for the most profitable traffic is sent to their campaigns.

We are proud to announce that Creative Clicks has a one of a kind tracking solution with the ability to directly signal conversion data into Facebook’s Machine Learning models.

This revolutionary technology is already powering current Creative Clicks partner’s Facebook campaigns and has proven that it will reduce Facebook CPC cost while increasing their EPC per campaign over time.

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New technology: New User Experiences

Advancements in technology have played critical roles in how people are exposed to new information in today’s tech-savvy consumers. Due to these technological advancements, it’s much easier now than ever to find and track your targeted audiences. However, the incrementation of platforms means that it takes creativity for an advertiser to understand and find ways to monetize new platforms. An example of this is the rise of augmented reality (AR) and it’s growing presence in mobile devices. Applications such as Snapchat implement AR in the various filters that they have for photos, in turn creating a new window of potential for mobile advertising. Furthermore, advancements in virtual reality (VR) technology like Oculus and its growing adoption in home and work environments also create new opportunities for new monetization streams. No matter how niche these windows of potential may seem for now, a mobile advertiser must be current and on top of trends enough to be successful for the future.

Compliances: Changing Regulations

When it comes to mobile advertising, compliances can be opaque and involve much more than just copyright, patents, TCPA rules or other more known regulations from the past. The list has since expanded and therefore, new ways to get in trouble exist. This means that navigating ways in which to advertise mobile requires more and new filters. The disclosure of material relationships, deals, risks, and copyright fair use, are examples of new precautions that a modern-day mobile advertiser must take. Otherwise, a mobile advertiser can get into serious legal problems in ways that were a little more permissible or perhaps simply nonexistent before. Therefore, it is imperative that a successful network stays up to speed with current legal situations and supplements it with technology like Machine Learning to automatically identify these risks.

Fraud: Illegal Behavior

App-installed fraud is a common occurrence in mobile advertising; it happens when a company gets falsely rewarded for the download of an app from a user. This fraudulent behavior is very expensive for marketers as it’s stealing from their profit when it comes to mobile advertising— these are known as bad actors. If advertisers pay per install, the bad actors will still find a way to falsify those numbers and information. Adjust found that throughout the summer of 2018, 13.7% of app downloads were rejected as fraudulent, costing marketers a loss of around $2 billion in 2017 alone. This is only expected to increase more. Advertisers need to be aware of these frauds and employ fraud prevention solutions, Machine Learning and trusted third party services. Creative Click’s own tech stack has built in some of the most trustworthy fraud detection tools in order to mitigate the risk for the advertiser.

Global coverage

With the internet and our increasingly digital world, a company should aspire to have their ads transcend cities, countries, continents, and cultures. This kind of reach is important to keep up with and definitely attainable, no panic necessary. Smart tracking domains and a network with a global cloud infrastructure are the kinds of systems that can help you with your efforts in achieving worldwide coverage. Once again, emphasizing the necessity of machines for modern-day mobile advertising.

So, does your network keep up with the latest trends and technology?

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We can help you. Creative Clicks is dedicated to developing strategies and applying strong technical solutions that can predict, adapt, and implement quickly. It is vital to always be a step ahead and our global tracking technology layered with advanced Machine Learning will help you stay competitive. Our technology team continually works with businesses in order to anticipate what the next trends and industry changes; this is for the purpose of adding features that help us stay ahead of the market. It is clear that it can be a difficult task to be up to speed with the changing field of mobile advertising all of the time. We combat this with two large creative studios and seek the most creative solution to every client’s sales across all platforms. Additionally, we optimize the creative and content using our machine learning technology until we achieve the desired goal of our clients.

In terms of new technology, Creative Clicks can help by leveraging our diverse media mix features that offers full-service user acquisition services across multiple channels, devices, and ad formats. This ensures a constant adaptation to new and untapped mobile advertising windows. The result is unparalleled retention and engagement on new users across a variety of touchpoints. So if you are doubtful of whether or not your network keeps up, take a look at these features in our website.

When it comes to compliances, advertisers need to be aware of illegal mobile advertising tactics and employ fraud prevention solutions, machine learning and services, like that of Creative Clicks’ offering. Creative Clicks’ services offer a range of solutions such as machine learning, fraud detection, and has integrated with highly respected third party fraud detection systems such as Machine Advertising. A key feature here is the fraud detection; we have worked on developing fierce fraud detection systems in place including a dedicated monitoring team for any other possibly undetected fraudulent behavior. You’ll be set with our real-time quality detection.

Lastly, Creative Clicks also has a feature that ensures global reach. With tools such as our smart tracking domains that are available globally on the cloud, we can guarantee that your mobile advertising efforts will always be well-equipped for a global reach and available. Additional support is our multi-region servers that are spread globally in order to further aid our efforts in worldwide coverage and boost click speed nearest to your target audience. We are also continuously optimizing our network using probabilistic models and machine reinforcement learning to find opportunities to boost your ROI. Detailed stats and granular reporting that is done both daily and hourly by events also help our team polish those automated optimizations. The digitization of our society is bringing cultures closer, so make sure that you can reach them.

“Whether it’s a video or a range of channels, Creative Clicks knows how to deliver the users at scale that marketers need via campaign optimized according to location, behavior, device, OS, creative type, demographics, or more.”

Digital marketers predict that the average human sees 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. This alarming number emphasizes the necessity to operate and creatively optimize by using the latest in machine learning technology and reinforcement learning to help you break through the clutter. You will be saving yourself a lot of hassle and guaranteeing a return of investment (ROI) to your company. We can secure the most up-to-date mobile advertising for your company with the use of our Machine Learning technology, among other things, developed in our offices in San Francisco. Marketing is a creative industry and that’s something we never forget at Creative Clicks— it’s in our name and is the language in which we operate. For these reasons, Creative Clicks is an industry leader instead of an industry follower.

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