MedGen: Your Full-Funnel Health & Med-Tech Solution


In the last few years, the health, medical, and wellness industries have substantially developed. Today, many new and existing products and services are being marketed and sold directly to consumers online.

Are you taking advantage of these healthcare marketing opportunities?

MedGen is your full-funnel marketing solution for health, medical, and wellness manufacturers and marketers. MedGen offers comprehensive, data-driven solutions and services, from product discovery through subscription and repeat purchases. In addition, the company is led by a team of healthcare marketing professionals.

MedGen is part of Creative Clicks, a leading global data-driven marketing platform. Creative Clicks has been enabling marketers to find and retain their customers around the world for the last 11 years.

It starts with data

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Today, marketing begins with data. MedGen builds successful B2B and B2C health and med-tech marketing programs around privacy-friendly data. From Global Healthcare Provider access to vertical and country-specific data, you’ll have access to the data sources you need. Furthermore, MedGen provides full support for your campaigns, whether you’re targeting healthcare professionals, consumers, or both.

Data sources include demographic, market interest, socioeconomic, media, and behavioral data. In addition, RxData, patient-level health data, coupon redemption, and visited location data are used while being completely privacy-friendly for local markets.

Analyzed using proprietary machine learning technology

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MedGen uses fully customized and advanced technology, developed over years and tested on hundreds of marketing campaigns across 190+ Countries. Why? This enables maximizing the value of the data sources and uncovering actionable insights. MedGen uses Creative Clicks’ proprietary data analysis, tracking, and marketing automation tools, powered by machine learning technology. Furthermore, these technologies facilitate optimizing performance across targeted audiences, channels, placements, and creative, to maximize campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

MedGen provides its clients with customized dashboards to monitor campaign performance and other KPIs in real-time.

Across your customers’ journeys

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Most marketing agencies follow the customer journey until the lead is generated.

MedGen goes beyond to provide you with a full-funnel marketing solution integrated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This includes your own dedicated MedGen team that will create a comprehensive market solution that mirrors your customers’ journeys. This tailored offering includes everything from lead nurturing through product discovery, trial, and re-ordering/subscription. And because it’s on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, clients benefit from being on the leading marketing technology platform.

This solution lets your marketing organization accompany your customers through their journey from initial lead prospecting through repeat purchases. How? By enabling you to monitor customer engagement across marketing and media channels. Specific channels include email, push notification, and a range of creative across devices, platforms, and ad units.

First, the MedGen tech team will set up your account within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Then, your data will be integrated to enable managing and monitoring performance in real-time, 24/7 from your customized dashboard.

Owned and operated media

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Beyond the rich data sources analyzed using proprietary data and tracking tools powered by machine learning technology, your ad campaigns run across a range of media. One prominent media source is Creative Clicks’ owned and operated media network. Befitting a premium media source, our media network includes e-commerce websites for a range of products and technologies with a total reach of 150+ million verified and targetable consumer profiles.

To support your marketing campaigns on our owned and operated media, MedGen runs email and push marketing on a base of 50+ million global users.

Is your marketing full-funnel and digital-first?

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Healthcare marketing is changing, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As you know, it has forced many consumers to purchase health services and devices, medicine, and wellness solutions online. And as we are seeing across industries at MedGen and Creative Clicks, the online commerce trends adopted in 2020 are here to stay.

To make sure that your healthcare marketing organization accompanies your customers on their journeys with a full-funnel, data-driven, digital-first approach, reach out to MedGen.

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