It’s 2022… and Facebook still delivers


What’s the secret of every successful performance marketer?

They know how to find the opportunities that perform.

For many performance marketers, the end of IDFA app targeting on iOS was like receiving a crate full of lemons.

And when the performance marketers at Creative Clicks are given lemons, they’ll make lemon meringue pie and a bottle of limoncello.

So how does CC deliver performance on Meta’s platforms?

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Ad targeting is still an option on Android devices. CC targets Android users according to age, geography – even zip codes – and interests to achieve campaign KPIs.

But IDFA doesn’t mean the end of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. For certain geos and kinds of products and services, Meta delivers. If you’re targeting higher-end users, particularly in the US and Canada, iOS will be an integral part of your marketing.

And if you’re at the top of the marketing funnel looking to create awareness for a new app, few platforms deliver impact like Meta’s platforms. This is particularly the case with Instagram Stories and Reels.

For top-of-the-funnel marketing, Meta’s platforms offer a range of ways to optimize campaigns, depending on the marketer’s desired objective. A marketer with a new app might want to start by focusing on reach, so their ad will be shown to as many users within the targeted audience. For a marketer seeking brand awareness, Meta will target users most likely to recall the ad. And for marketers seeking video views, Meta will target users most likely to watch and complete the video ad.

According to the Search Engine Journal article referenced above, top-of-the-funnel marketing/brand awareness via Meta’s platforms is important, particularly for a new app or offering. Even the most business-savvy performance marketer needs to create awareness before moving users through the marketing funnel. As the author notes, showing a conversion-focused ad to someone not familiar with your app is ‘the marketing equivalent of walking up to someone and asking them to go on a date with you without an introduction’. That might work for Jamie Dornan and Idris Elba or Bella Hadid and Beyoncé, but not for most of us.

It comes down to managing your KPIs

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Like with all performance marketing campaigns, it’s all about managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

For our campaigns on Meta’s platforms, we know our target KPIs and understand performance based on years of experience working with Facebook and Instagram. We understand how to manage our budget to achieve app installs and registrations that will convert. Because we understand the performance conversion funnel, when we see changes that impact performance, we shift budgets accordingly.

Are you still seeking out opportunities to optimize performance on Facebook and Instagram following the IDFA app targeting changes of last year? Maybe you’re looking for a marketing partner to enable improving performance across Apple devices. In either case, now is the time to reach out to Creative Clicks and let our performance marketing experts show you how to optimize campaign results in our evolving privacy-friendly digital advertising ecosystem.

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