Insurance: Using Owned & Operated Media to Achieve your Contact Rate Goals


In the last few years, many traditionally offline industries have shifted their marketing online.


The insurance industry has been one of the most prominent to shift marketing spend online. Why? Because using digital marketing technology and data, it’s easier to achieve contact rate goals than through print, radio/TV, and out-of-home.

Creative Clicks is a full-service, data-driven marketing agency with extensive experience enabling American insurance companies to achieve contact rate goals.

Creative Clicks’ owned and operated media includes a range of inventory channels backed by proprietary and privacy-friendly data. This enables delivering pro-active and cross-channel marketing campaigns that exceed client expectations.

Creative Clicks has been enabling marketers to find and retain their customers around the world for the last 11 years.


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Data is the gas that powers Creative Clicks’ marketing campaigns.

By leveraging the company’s experience running marketing campaigns for insurance companies, Creative Clicks achieves contact rate goals across channels through owned and operated media thanks to its proprietary machine learning technology. This enables uncovering insights based on audience, user, and campaign data analyzed from insurance industry campaigns. These insights allow achieving campaign goals including age and state targets within the defined hours.

Creative Clicks provides customers with transparent dashboards and insights from client campaigns to highlight performance.

Owned and Operated Media

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Creative Clicks owns and operates a proprietary network of websites to reach and engage consumers while capturing self-declared insights. These websites provide more than 150 million verified profiles of users consenting to be marketed to through: email, re-engagement/re-targeting across owned and operated media, and native re-engagement. Targeting capabilities include device, operating system, state, city, zip code, age, gender, interests, and behaviors.

Creative Clicks’ proprietary technology to nurture leads via email and push creative through a database including 50+ million active users. This results in 250+ million monthly views with 100,000 new users added daily.

New users also come from Creative Clicks owned and operated media and relationships with 75+ direct sites offering the aforementioned targeting capabilities.

Tracked to Monitor and Manage Performance

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The value of Creative Clicks user data across the company’s owned and operated media comes to life in the reporting dashboards which are customized for each client and campaign to provide a real-time view of how the campaigns are progressing. Thanks to proprietary tracking technology, insights are extracted instantly to optimize campaign performance according to target groups and media channels.

The dashboards provide a conduit for two-way feedback between Creative Clicks and our clients, ensuring that campaigns achieve client KPIs. Based on this client feedback, Creative Clicks proactively initiates follow-up campaign ideas to ensure a continuous pipeline of leads optimized according to contact rate goals across all relevant targets.

Are your Insurance campaigns hitting your KPIs?

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With the coming digital marketing challenges materializing due to privacy and legislative changes, marketers are concerned about achieving their KPIs.

At Creative Clicks, thanks to our owned and operated media with millions of already opted-in users and proprietary data tracking technology, we’re able to optimize campaigns that deliver results. And because of our experience with leading insurance companies, we will reach your contact rate goals.

Can we schedule a call to discuss Creative Clicks’ insurance experience and how the company’s owned and operated media and proprietary technology can enable you to achieve your contact rate goals?

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