How to maintain mental and physical health during the lockdown


In the past weeks, we’ve all been adapting to a new way of working and also living. For some, it might have been easier to adjust than for others. Some may have found their almost perfect new routine, while others are still trying to figure it out.

All in all, what’s most important about our new routines, whatever they might be, is that they can help us maintain both our mental and physical health. We won’t be locked down forever, so it is important to take care of ourselves, especially during these times, and make sure to get out of this in a good mental and physical shape and, why not, even stronger than before!

At Creative Clicks, we are solutions providers and we see challenges as opportunities to learn, improve, and grow. Despite the lockdown and working from home, our people have shown great adaptability and willingness to find new ways of cooperating and dealing with the current situation. 

Since today, April 28th is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we thought of asking some of our Creative Clickers to share their tips on how they are currently dealing with the lockdown to maintain both their physical and mental health. Here is what they told us. 

1.    Make sure you are sitting in the right way

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Matt said: “I did not believe in that 90-degree rule. But since I have been working from home, I realized how important that is. At the office, it’s easier to set up your desk to maintain your elbows and knees at 90 degrees. However, I have found some ways to make it work from home too. If you need to raise your height, put a pillow on your chair and use books or yoga blocks to put your feet on and maintain the right knee angle.”

2.     DIY GYM 

Liz, who is a sports lover, had to think of new solutions for her daily workouts: “You do not actually need to buy any items to do home workouts. You can use water bottles as weights for instance, or you could fill in your sports bag with books. Your chair is also a great instrument to do legs and arms workouts. What is important is that you keep moving at least 30 mins a day. You’ll feel much better!”

3. Try meditation

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“When you live in a city apartment and you have a toddler in the house, and your house becomes your 24/7 office, it can get challenging to find your work zone or a moment for yourself”, says Thomas. “This is why I have started doing some meditation and it really helped me. I myself use headspace, an app that guides you through meditation. Even if for 10 mins a day, this is a moment for myself after which I feel recharged and more focused.” 

4. Keep your body healthy from the inside

Tina told us about her daily vitamin routine: “I usually start the day with a capsule of omega 3 and one tab of Vitamin D and one of vitamin C. Omega 3 can improve your eyes and brain health, as well as your blood pressure. Vitamin D can be an energy boost and it can prevent anxiety and depression. Vitamin C is important to improve your immune system. During meals, I take probiotics and enzymes to help my metabolism and digestion. Proper digestion is very important to have a clear and focused mind throughout the day.”

5. Maintain a sleep routine

“Although we might have a less chaotic routine, for me it is very important to keep my sleep routine.” says Linda “and also to keep sleeping a good amount of hours. I need my usual 8 hours of sleep in order to feel rested and have a clear mind to start my workday. To make sure I get a good and healthy sleep I use this app called Sleep cycle which checks the quality of your night sleep and also gives you advice on how to improve it.” 

6. Continue your hobbies 

Ilaria, who loves dancing Salsa and Bachata, told us that she continues taking dancing classes from her teachers online: “The dancing school I usually go to has been hosting several workshops and dancing classes both on their Instagram and Facebook page. They also organize private dancing classes via Zoom for those who want to practice more. And you do not even need a partner to dance. Most of the trainings are thought for solo dancers. Dancing is my passion and gives me energy, so it is important for me to keep doing it, even if from home.”

7. Don’t give up your social habits

“I would normally go out for a few drinks with my friends on Fridays”, says Max. “Despite the fact that we currently cannot go out, I have continued this habit and so I always have a zoom call with my friends on Friday evening during which we chat and have a drink ‘together’. This allows us to stay in contact and even if behind a screen, in some ways it feels like nothing has changed.”

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