Comparison sites deliver privacy-friendly, performance-driven conversions


One of the biggest mobile marketing events of 2021 was Apple’s termination of IDFA (IDentifier For Advertisers), which made it more difficult to target users on Apple’s mobile devices.

Apple’s actions, coupled with GDPR and other global privacy laws, have resulted in the return of contextual targeting. It’s a comeback for this more than 20-year-old digital marketing tactic, now integrated into mobile marketing solutions.

And contextual targeting makes a lot of sense. If you’re selling AirPods, then an article on the top-10 songs of the year or equipment for the ultimate workout provides a contextually relevant environment for making that sale.

But what if marketers could reach users in an environment and state of mind when they’re considering the purchase of a product in your category? That is even more relevant than contextual targeting.

Welcome to the world of comparison sites


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Users who come to comparison sites do so because they intend to purchase a product in the category. This makes comparison sites one of the most effective channels for intent-based targeting (or any form of targeting, for that matter). If the shopper wasn’t intending on purchasing a product in the category, they wouldn’t be visiting that website.

As important as intent is, and it’s important, it works differently in different categories. It’s better to work with a marketing partner that has experience across a range of comparison sites in different performance marketing verticals. And it’s preferable to work with a marketing partner that uses comparison sites as part of a comprehensive cross-channel marketing program. That’s how we do comparison site marketing at Creative Clicks.

Find the right comparison site marketing partner

Even though users arrive at comparison sites with purchase intent, it’s important to work with an experienced marketing partner. On a comparison site, it’s easy to send a highly qualified prospect to your leading competitor.

That’s why it’s necessary to do your due diligence before selecting a comparison site marketing partner.

Close at the bottom of the funnel

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Experienced and professional comparison sites understand their product categories. They know how to construct relevant customer journeys which enable them to efficiently and effectively deliver a converted lead to the right vendor.

Creative Clicks has created comparison sites in the Insurance, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Antivirus verticals. These comparison shopping sites facilitate content-driven customer journeys to gently direct prospects to the product which best meets their needs. And when we create the content for these customer journeys, we make sure that the content aligns with the product features of the market leaders in the category. This ensures that at the end of the journey, there’s a good product to user fit. This enables marketers to convert at the bottom of the funnel.

We constantly refresh the content on our comparison sites to ensure that it’s up-to-date, reflecting current user needs and product functionality. For example, when COVID-19 hit in 2020, there was increased demand for VPN and antivirus solutions marketed on our comparison sites as many users started working from home. To address this new need and opportunity, we wrote new content and refreshed existing content to ensure that we were addressing the new product use case scenarios. This enabled us to run more effective user acquisition campaigns via our comparison sites.

ABC - Always. Be. Closing.

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To quote one of the most famous plays and movies about selling, Glengarry Glen Ross, salespeople should always be closing. What does this have to do with comparison sites? For marketers, comparison sites are the best tactic enabling the marketer to always be closing. That’s why comparison sites are among the best mobile marketing solutions for performance marketing and user acquisition.

Other marketing tactics are necessary for moving prospects into and through the funnel. But comparison sites enable closing prospects at the bottom of the funnel.

Are you interested in adding comparison sites to your marketing mix? If so, reach out to Creative Clicks.

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