5 Ways to Provide Account Management to Delight your Customers


One of the challenging jobs in 2020-21 in corporate environments has been the role of account manager. Read on to find out how account managers can keep their customers happy.

One of the challenging jobs in 2020-21 in corporate environments has been the role of account manager.

With the prevalence of customers working from home without their teams, the role of the account manager, also working from home, became more of a challenge.

At Creative Clicks, our best performing account managers succeeded in these trying times by focusing on the following:

1. Relationships

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An account manager should be familiar with the client’s network, team, and business. Additionally, at Creative Clicks, we make sure that our account managers are acquainted with each client’s organizational setup and other close associates because these people influence workflow, decisions, and performance. Managing an account entails more than just balancing revenue and expenses. That’s why our account managers are knowledgeable on how marketing strategies support your business.

It’s also important to have a personal relationship with your account manager. Check whether you two have a rapport. Do you trust them? An account manager that knows you on a personal level can help in making effective decisions that enable achieving business objectives.

2. Communication

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The basis for a healthy relationship is open and continuous communication.

As the client, you will be updated with every change or move that Creative Clicks makes. We know that you are busy managing your business, and our job is to support you. That’s why it’s the job of your CC account manager to update you regarding any change, and even update you when nothing changes in order to explain the reasoning.  We understand that constant and continuous communication is key to a strong and productive relationship between an account manager and their client.

3. Organization

Your account manager should have everything at their fingertips. They should be able to provide complete account information whenever (or even before) it is asked. Your documents and resources are stored in a specific and secure place. Organizational skills are crucial for an account manager at Creative Clicks.

4. Creativity

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At Creative Clicks, as our name suggests, even our account managers aren’t restricted by boundaries when it comes to servicing your business. That’s why CC senior management encourages our account managers to think outside the box and use their creativity.  Whether it means investing in new technology or an ad platform that will improve campaign performance or consulting with colleagues regarding new ideas to improve conversions, your account manager will utilize their inherent creativity to grow your business.

A good account manager at Creative Clicks will push you out of your comfort zone with new marketing ideas. No matter how successful your last campaign has been, there is always room for growth. The role of your account manager is to keep you updated regarding market trends and dynamics and to come to you with new campaign ideas to improve performance.

5. Your business is our Priority

An account manager should be concerned with every aspect of your business including your account challenges. The account manager should not only know your marketing strategies and tactics but should also understand how your business runs.  A manager needs to know what is important to their client and make that a priority in their work.

Managing accounts means being part of a client’s journey to success. The account manager is the enabler to ensure that successful decisions are made together to achieve the benchmarks of success. At the end of the day, your business objectives must be your account manager’s priority.

Ultimately, unless you’re the CEO of your own company, you’re managing an account for someone. That’s why this post is relevant to most of us who are supporting others in our company’s marketing ecosystem.

Therefore, if you want more feedback on account management OR are looking for someone to help manage your advertising, reach out to Creative Clicks.

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