4 Quick Tips to Dominate Black Friday through Mobile


The year is coming to an end, and Black Friday looms right around the corner. Do you know what that means? Over 6 billion dollars in online sales and the best part is you can get a cut of that.

November is the height of activity for shoppers. With 200-300% more activity in November than any other month of the year, this is when you need to make the most of the network you’ve built over the year. ECommerce sales are increasingly moving from desktop to mobile, making mobile marketing more lucrative than ever before. 

PayPal reported a 140 percent increase in the amount of people making online payments with their phone, and last year according to Adobe a third of Black Friday shopping was done on mobile devices. Mobile sales open a whole new world of opportunity. Here are 4 tips that will improve your Black Friday strategy and increase your sales this year’s holiday season.

1. Be strategic about the offers you promote

It may seem that during Black Friday people are haphazardly shopping for whatever comes across their screen, but that is not the case. Most Black Friday shoppers are looking for something very specific: gifts. Promote things with family and friends in mind, put yourself in the shoes of the shopper. 

While shopping for grandma, they will probably browse for themselves intermittently. Knowing your audience is key and luckily, there are tools for that. You can use twitter insights to see what people are talking about; locally, nationally, and internationally. If you want to get even more specific look into Brandwatch, this AI has a massive archive of consumer opinions to get you in the know and ahead of your competitors this holiday season. 

Photo: Mobile Marketing Magazine

2. Create exclusive offers for app users

According to Mobile Marketing, the top shopping apps added half a million new users on Black Friday and overall new shopping app installs increased by 9%. Apps are convenient for browsing in peace without any outside distractions. They are also considered safe and secure by many users because they are downloaded through touch ID verification or facial recognition. 

Lexi Sydow, market insights manager at App Annie says one must leverage the users in the app experience. A good way to do this is to promote deals offered exclusively on the stores’ app. Bringing traffic to the app engages users and could drive further sales for you and your brand.

Photo: Core DNA

3. Message your contacts

Now is the time to make the most of your network. That includes your email and social media. Sixty-eight percent of shoppers say they pay more attention to companies’ emails during the holidays. You can engage your email contacts by sending out a special newsletter promoting exclusive Black Friday deals. People get hundreds of emails a day so it is critical for yours to stand out. You can do this by making the email visually engaging.

Make use of Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs to send personal messages as well. Tailor your messages to each person and their interests to increase the likelihood that they will jump on your deal.

Photo: Creative Market

4. Optimize for mobile

Lastly, of course, is the most important. Make sure that the site you are marketing on has a quick loading time and is correctly displayed on mobile. Go the extra step and make sure the checkout is mobile friendly as well since that is where your profit will be made. Checking this ahead of Black Friday can ensure you’re prepared for the increase in traffic. 

Not only should the product’s landing pages be mobile-friendly, but your content should be as well. If you are promoting through social media you’re set, but if you’re using a blog or any other online platform, you can run it through Google’s free mobile-friendly test to make sure it is good to go.

Photo: Google

Offering people deals that are specific to them and catering to their on-the-go needs will help increase your conversions this holiday season. Mobile shopping is increasing, making sure that you are prepared for a seamless mobile shopping experience is critical. So, optimize for mobile, know your audience, leverage apps, and your contacts and you will be on your way to having a lucrative holiday season.

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