10 Fun Facts about Creative Clicks


We’ve taken quite a journey through the pastpresent core assets, and future of Creative Clicks and the advertising industry to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Our last installment of this celebration collection is all about the fun facts of our company. A lot has gone into making it what it is today, from its humble origins all the way up to the events of this Spring 2020.

From the hard work at the beginning, to the successes and failures. A company is only as strong as its history and do we have a rich one already. Read on to learn all about the secrets of Creative Clicks and what makes us who we are!

1. When we started Creative Clicks, we stopped drinking the name branded Red Bull and ordered cheap fake energy drinks instead until our business was profitable.

“Never spend money before you have it.”

– Thomas Jefferson

2. Creative Clicks was created from the launch of a music product called Mytracks.fm where people could record cheap MP3’s in excellent quality from digital radio stations. It was a sort of digital tape recorder. Unfortunately, Spotify killed our business model.

3. In only ten years’ time, Creative Clicks acquired four large companies and more than 6 start-ups.

4. Prior to having our current head office in Amsterdam, we were lunching standing around a table (!?). Founders Ramon and Raymond picked-up lunch every day at the local butcher.

5. The office was always full of candy… until everybody started gaining too much weight.

6. That Creative Clicks top floor can be transformed into a trendy night club including DJ set, laser lights, and fog machine!

7. Our themed parties are infamous. Just see for yourself!

8. We celebrate every time a Creative Clicker has a 1, 3 or 5 year anniversary with the company. Each moment, person, and contribution is precious!

9. During this year’s lockdown, Creative Clickers became quiz experts on Fridays. Instead of our usual borrel on our top floor, our awesome Office Manager puts together a fun quiz on various topics for us to compete in. And Creative Clickers can get really competitive!

10. Every time we hit a big success milestone, our directors start howling and barking!

No matter the company, there is always a story behind it. We strive every day to create a story not only for our employees, but for every single client that walks through our doors. Stories make up our lives and we hope this glimpse into our history gives you a better feel for ours! We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about Creative Clicks and look forward to being of service over the next 10 years as we continue to grow together.

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