10 for 10 – The 10 Core Assets of Creative Clicks as we turn 10


It’s hard to believe that we started CC 10 years ago. Sometimes, it feels like it was yesterday, other times, it doesn’t.

We’ve been spending 10 years building something special. Something creative. Something which delivers real business value to our clients, partners, and the entire CC family.

As we recently turned 10, we wanted to take the time to share the 10 core assets that make CC:

1) Unique Owned and Operated media inventory: Because CC owns and operates much of our own media, we can deliver better placements and ad performance for our clients.

2Proprietary, data-driven machine learning tracking and optimization tech stack: Thanks to our data profiles and partnerships, coupled with CC’s technology, we provide a technology stack that delivers profitable users and revenue at scale.

3) Managed programmatic media buy platform including DSP for global fortune 500 clients: In 12 words, that’s what CC is.

4) DMP with millions of anonymized consumer and behavioral profiles: Digging deeper, this is the first part of ‘how we do it’. It’s this data that enables the magic to happen.

5) Direct partnership with app developers and SDK integrations: We’ve spent a decade building relationships with app developers and managing SDK integrations. When coupled with our DMP, this enables CC to deliver better-performing app marketing results.

6) Facebook and Google-certified agency: With about 60% of digital marketing running on Google and Facebook, CC has generated millions of users as well as millions of euros, dollars, and pounds in revenue for our digital and app marketing clients.

7) A strong and experienced international team available 24/7 (Triple E philosophy) with local offices. ‘Think global act local’: From Asia through Israel to Europe and the Americas, CC provides you with a local time regardless of your locality, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

8) In-house creative studio: It’s in our name – Creative Clicks – and it’s the core of everything we do: data-driven marketing creative that performs on mobile and beyond.

9) Email (bulk volume) monetization platform: Email is alive and well and an important part of a marketer’s digital marketing stack. That’s why CC has the skills, technology, and experience to generate revenue from email marketing.

10) Push promotion and monetization platform: At CC, mobile marketing begins with the install.  From retargeting to push notifications, we provide you with comprehensive mobile marketing and monetization solutions.

Want to be part of our next 10 years? Reach out to find out how CC can improve your digital revenue.

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